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What inspired me to restart blogging? – By Lydia

I thought i’d begin this post by introducing myself. I’m Lydia, the owner of this blog (and i’m very pleased that you’ve found it) and i thought it was only fitting given the topic of this week that I share why i was inspired to start blogging again, and more importantly why i started this blog!

Back in the day, i used to have another blog – a beauty, fashion, lifestyle type of blog that pretty much incorporated most things. However i stopped that blog just because i lacked the drive to carry on and i wasn’t really enjoying it anymore so i felt there was no reason for me to carry on – If you aren’t enjoying something, then what is the point?

So onto the story of this blog… As a university student, I was just doing some general browsing through intern opportunities and things like that, but i didn’t feel that i had any experience to commit to some of them which required it! Also, as a uni student you never really know how much workload you will have week-to-week so i didn’t feel ready to fully commit to an internship just yet but i did want experience – so, HerEdition was created.

I really wanted to create a different kind of blog, in which lots of other people can be involved as well and we can all work together to produce a happy, welcoming and helpful/inspiring community. Also, i really wanted to write something again, i felt inspired to write things for people to read – whether its on a helpful topic or my favourite meme! 
Basically, my inspiration came from wanting some experience in something or become involved in a project of my own! My message on inspiration to you is to find a way to channel that drive you have to do something, whatever it is, through a way that works for you and others! 

Thank you reading and visiting the blog – i hope it becomes a place that you regularly visit and enjoy!
Lydia x 
Editor-In-Chief of HerEdition

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