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Bringing back the 90’s!

I may not be old enough to have fully appreciate the 90’s style – only being born in ’98! However thats not stopping me from loving this era, many of my favourite films are from this decade so are many of my favourite styles! For this #throwbackthursday, i thought i’d  just share with you my favourite fashion, hair and beauty styles of the 90’s to inspire both you and myself – the 90’s are always making a comeback.

Lets begin with the best bit – the fashion! High-waisted mom jeans and baggy jumpers look so stylish yet so comfortable, this is definitely one of my favourite styles to have

made a comeback. Along with mini skirts, crop tops and the grunge look the 90’s fashion was definitely one to take influence from.

Hair – I have to say this is something i absolutely love about the 90’s, and i actually wear my hair 90’s-esque all the time – i mean anyone else waiting for the day perms become a thing again? Scrunchies are my newfound love so i just had to share this with you!

Whats your favourite trend of the 90s era? Or if you were lucky enough to experience it, what was your favourite clothing item  or hairstyle?

Lydia x

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