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How to Create Your Own Workout Plan! – By Lydia

In the lead up to summer a lot of us will be wanting to work on our ‘bikini bods’ – but i just feel this post will help a lot of us, including myself, who want to up our fitness level and just become generally fitter and healthier. Going to the gym/exercising isn’t just something that people do in order to lose weight, it’s also a great thing to have in everyone’s lives as exercise generally leads to happier feelings and in my opinion, just a general sense that you’ve done something that day! So this might be a slightly longer post but i hope it it will be beneficial to us all, before i start just a slight disclaimer: i’m quite clearly not a qualified PT or anything of the sort, i’m just a girl whose been to a few gyms in her time and thought i’d be a fun thing to write about…

Circuit PlanFIRST TIP // When it comes to creating a workout plan theres no point going in all guns blazing and making a top notch 40 minute plan if it involves exercises that a) you don’t even know and b) you aren’t able to do. For example, i can’t do press-ups to save my life so theres no way i’d decide i’m going to do 50 press-ups in my workout. Think about exercises you’ve done before and exercises you enjoy doing and combine them to create a little plan. Me and my uni friend have created our own mini circuits (i’ll include an example) of exercises that we know of and my idea is to just up them as i feel my fitness levels improves – for example repeat the circuit 5 times opposed to 3.
SECOND TIP // Focus your plan on whether you are at a gym or at home. You do not need to join a gym in order to get exercise into your daily life – you can buy workout machinery/equipment if you are able to, you can get dumbbells for cheap on amazon! Also, there lots of workout DVD’s out there – a personal fave of mine is the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and theres also the infamous Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly and Bum Blitz, and the well-known Davina McCall ones. There are also loads of fitness YouTubers and bloggers, if you are one or know one, comment them down below to share! You can do at home workouts with them and a lot of them vary in length so you can fit it around your schedule.
THIRD TIP // Don’t push yourself – this is my favourite tip. If you don’t feel up to it – either you are ill or sore from a previous workout – maybe skip that day or do a less intense workout. One week i powered through the week with extreme sore legs and it just wasn’t a good thing to do! However, sometimes you can feel better for carrying on, just base it on how you are feeling – don’t feel pressured to do something you don’t feel up to.
Also, its very important to decide how many times a week you feel you want to work out for – obviously this varies week-to-week due to commitments and whatever but the general amount most people say is best is 3/4 workouts a week. I know some people who go every single day, and some who only go once a week – any amount of exercise is good so just base it off a) how much you can fit into your life, b) how much your physical ability will allow you do and c) how much you will personally enjoy/prefer doing – once again, theres no point going to the gym 6 times a week if it feels like an awful chore, you are better going 3 times a week and having a good session opposed to half-hearted ones every day.
FOURTH TIP // Enjoy it! I’ve done bootcamp classes and things before where you just don’t enjoy going and there’s no point doing that (unless you have to for a particular reason). I currently quite enjoy my plan –  going to the gym and going on the treadmill etc and then doing the mini circuits – but its also important to change it up a bit so you don’t get bored. When i am at home, i also love going to a trampolining class! They are so much fun! So just have a look around at your local area on what type of classes you can attend – personally i’d really recommend classes because you are going to the gym and doing 45/60 minutes of concentrated exercise so you know you’ve done a good workout opposed to your own one. Another way of also tracking the exercises you do is by purchasing a Fitbit – my uni friend has one of these and every time we finish a class or gym sesh she can check how many calories she’s burnt etc. You can purchase one of these or take a look at the feature here.

FIFTH TIP // If doing a HIIT workout, circuits or machinery isn’t for you then thats no problem, there are plenty of ways to get exercise into your daily routine without having to do a really concentrated plan. For example, if you have a dog you could walk them each night – power walking and going on a longer walk then you normally would. Personally i find this a great way to get exercise in because i’m not someone who would like to go for a jog round the streets, but power walking with a dog is fine! Also, you could just go for a walk on your own or with friends, just make sure you don’t go anywhere remote and unsafe. And then basically just walk everywhere! This might not seem like you are exercising as its something we all do, but fitting in more walking into your daily life will up your fitness level immensely as you are being active. 

Finally, I wish you all the luck on your fitness journey and don’t forget to comment your favourite exercise tips and routines, i’m always on the look out for new ideas!

Lydia x
Twitter – @HerEdition

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