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Why I Hate Blogging!

Okay so hate might be a strong word, but they are some things i find really hard or can’t quite get my head around about blogging! I have only had this blog for a month so i though i’d write this post now and then look back further into my blogging life and see if anything has changed!


1. Photography!

Some people love photography – others do not. I am part of the latter. This doesn’t mean i don’t like pictures in my normal life, i mean i love Instagram but just for blogging i can’t quite make it work. I’m not very good at the whole flat lay and making it all look pretty and beautiful. Also, i find it particularly hard because good lighting in a uni room? No, never going to happen. I’m trying my best but we’ll see, i’m trying to read around about photography tips so if you have any great posts in mind, please send me a link.

2. Growing blog followers

Personally, i have found trying to get people to follow my actual blog has been very very hard, whether that be through bloglovin’ or my actual WordPress blog. I think this is because it isn’t easy to follow people across blogging platforms, i.e. follow a blogger account if you are on WordPress and vice versa, unless we have bloglovin’ of course. I myself don’t really follow blogs, i mean i do on WordPress and Bloglovin’ but i never go through my reader or Bloglovin’, all the posts i read i get through twitter as i follow all my favourite blogs on there. So in terms of page views etc that doesn’t really matter, if you promote your blog via other means but i just mean for the purpose of having that follower number if working with brands etc, i’ve found it very hard to grow it.

3. Analytics

Being a account means i cannot have Google Analytics (well i don’t think anyway, I’ve searched high and low to try and find out how but no luck). I personally don’t think my WordPress stats are correct as I’ve had days, particularly a day the other week when i received a comment on one of my posts so i know that i had at least one view, but it said no views – so i’m completely baffled about that and how to sort it out, so any help again will be extremely welcomed!

4. Blog layouts/themes

Now a straight forward solution to this problem is to just take the plunge and buy my own domain and WordPress plan, however as said i’ve only had this blog for a few weeks so i don’t feel ready to do that yet – you never know what might happen, i might suddenly want to stop blogging so i just don’t want to do that yet. So that means i’m really struggling with getting my blog to look great and be happy with it on WordPress. I begun this blog on blogger, but i’ve had a blog previously before on blogger so just wanted to try a different platform and i do really prefer this one in terms of the dashboard, and the whole behind the scenes managing of the blog. I do actually prefer the actual look of my blog on WordPress you just can’t customise it very much but i suppose that is something that comes with investing the money into your blog with upgrading. I haven’t come across that many people who have a blog so please leave your links down below, i’d love to meet other people who host on WordPress and are not self-hosted.

5. The Taboo surrounding sponsored posts

As a new blogger i find having these un-talked about topics makes it very hard to work out how to go about it yourself! I have only been up and running a few weeks but i have already been contacted about sponsored opportunities through searching the #bloggerswanted tags but had no clue what to respond when asked for my pricing. I’m completely fine with doing these posts for free at first (well the product being sent is payment) because i’m only a very small blog and we all need to get some experience from somewhere – this blog was never made with the long-term goal of being a proper source of income so any type of sponsored post or product review is so exciting and just an upside of blogging! But i’d really love if this wasn’t a taboo subject and we could just all discuss it, so newer bloggers like me, when the time comes, will know how to value ourselves and don’t even get me started on affiliate links – this just never seems to be talked about, i’ve recently started using them and everyone i’ve seen pretty much uses them as well so why is it such a secret?

What are some of your hates about blogging?

8 thoughts on “Why I Hate Blogging!”

  1. Oooooh I feel you! I’ve been blogging for a few years now and I feel like sometimes it’s not worth it because you put so much effort for very little in return haha however it does keep me busy so I’m not going anywhere! I only just linked my blog up to Google Analytics and I have no idea what I am looking at if I’m honest hehehe Em xx


    1. Yeah that’s how I feel! It’s absolutely not all about stats but I sometimes feel what’s the point in writing if no one reads it – it’s like talking to a brick wall! I wish I could have google analytics ahah – check out – her site is amazing for all things technical x


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