My Favourite Make-Up Products

Only more recently in my life have i established and developed a set make-up routine – i used to swap and change products all the time but now i have my set products that i repurchase opposed to trying out different ones all the time like i used to, so i thought i’d share these with you.

My Favourite.png

Mac Pro-Longwear Foundation 

I’ve been wearing this foundation for two years, and four bottles down i can never change! It was probably a bad cycle to get into because now every time i have to hand over that near £30 i’m pretty sure my bank account cries. (hey Mac, if you could IMG_9244introduce a student discount you know, that would be fab!). But i completely see the difference if i use another foundation and it just ruins the whole make-up look so i’ve accepted now that this is the foundation for me and i adore it! I get shade NC20, which is the second lightest but i feel these shades are slightly darker than Studio Fix as i have NC25 in that one. I’d always recommend this foundation – just as a bit of background i have normal-dry skin, usually more dry than normal and i don’t really have any spots etc but i do have redness so it’s probably about a medium coverage but can defo be built up! There are an awful lot of mixed reviews surrounding this foundation – some love it, some hate it – but i suppose the only way you’ll find out is trying it for yourself! If you’re interested, make sure to take a look here.


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 

I’ve purchased this mascara multiple times since it’s release and it’s just my IMG_9243favourite. When i used to work at a high street beauty store, everyone bought this and it was always on offer so do keep an eye out! They do extra black, waterproof and normal versions but i’d 100% say to look at this mascara if you haven’t already. It’s n
ot clumpy and it’s just great, well done to Maybelline for creating this holy grail product as before this i don’t think i’d ever repurchased a mascara!


Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

IMG_9245Now they’ve recently changed the packaging and i think formula for this product, however i don’t know if it was just the way i was applying it as it seems to be back to normal now. The concealer i have linked is the original one whereas now its in a little glass bottle opposed to a tube, but i still purchase it! It’s £8 which again, makes me whimper a little every time i buy it but i’ve tried every other concealer and this is definitely my fave. I only use concealer for highlighting purposes – so under my eyes, chins, and then T-Zone, so i can’t really say how good this is for actually concealing blemishes as I buy it a shade lighter so can never use this for this purpose.


Anastasia Beverley Hills Dip BrowIMG_9246

I’ll never change how i do my brows now that i’ve found this, if you’ve never tried it then what on earth have you been doing with your life?!? It’s £15 but it’s so worth it, i’ve had mine for over a year now and there’s still loads left. I don’t really know if it goes off or whatever, (but does anyone actually live by that?) but it works as well as it ever did. I love a strong brow and this has just changed my entire brow life.

(Please ignore how disgusting it looks in this picture – i’ve had it for so long forgive me!)


Have you read my last post on why I hate blogging?

What are your staple make-up products?

Lydia X





4 thoughts on “My Favourite Make-Up Products”

  1. Love this favourites make up post. The maybelline mascara has to be my favourite so far over any high end one. Mind you I’ve only ever bought one that was pricey… they’re real by Benefit. Xxx


  2. These are great picks! I think the Maybelline mascara is a really good dupe for the Benefit Roller Lash one. Have you tried any other brow pomades? I have the Freedom Cosmetics one and love it and I’m wondering how it compares to the Anastasia one.

    Beccah xx


    1. No I’ve never tried any others. I’ve always looked at the freedom and eylures ones but just because it lasts so long I haven’t needed to purchase another yet. I do think it’s amazing and I literally lasts forever so £15 is nothing for a product that you can use for such a long time x


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