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How to increase blog traffic: Advice as a newbie!

So I have this blog now for over a month which will seem like nothing to some of you lot who have been doing this for years! But in this time i’ve done a lot, a lot, a lot of research – reading blog posts on SEO tips, blog traffic and all things stats. Some people don’t like stats but i do focus on them (sorry!) and reading blogging tips posts are my absolute favourite as i just find it so interesting. I thought i’d share with you my blog traffic tips as a new blogger, and share how i’ve grown my blog in the first month or so of blogging as i’m really proud of my growth so far.

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1. Tweet out old posts!

Oh my god, this tip is in my opinion the BEST way to get people reading your blog all the time. As i’ve said previously i’ve had blogs in the past but never ever would i have thought about tweeting links out to my old blog posts in order to get more views – but it’s literally the best thing ever! I read about this on Corinne’s blog – and it’s driven so much more traffic to my blog, increased my twitter followers and just generally more engagement across all platforms. Scheduling these types of tweets is the way to do it – i use Buffer, but have also used Hootsuite but the difference with buffer is you can ‘re-buffer’ a tweet meaning it just re-tweets it without you having to re-write it and find the links again, it is so fab! Twitter is my number 1 traffic source!

2. Twitter Chats

Again, this is something that i have took part in before but never truly understood the benefits, i suppose i kind of took them for granted in a way. I now try and get involved in blogger chats as much as i can. It can be quite hard because you know we all do have a life where we need to do stuff but if i’m ever free or just watching television, i’ll join in. My favourite chats are GRLPOWR (this is my ultimate fave!) TeacupClub and socialbloggers. I do have a graphic of all the blogger chats that i have made, along with their twitter handles, so if you’d like access to that please sign up to my newsletter and i will be sending it out in the next one – tweet me to let me know you’ve done this too!

My top tip for twitter chats is to get really involved: interact with others, respond to their tweets and like them, retweet them anything you’d like. It can be quite easy to just respond to the questions and not remember to search the hashtag and look at others – but this is how you chat with others, get new followers and new blog readers! I’d say when i partake in a twitter chat i must gain around 10 followers which for a small blogger like me i feel is a lot. In my first GRLPOWR chat i gained a lot of followers which was really nice as i had just started so it meant my feed was filled with similar bloggers to me so posts that i enjoyed reading and people i felt like i kind of knew? In blogger chats you often ‘see’ a lot of the same people.

Read my post on Why I Hate Blogging! 

3. Commenting on others blogs

I’ve been trying to do this much more but i seem to always forget to write a comment so now i’ve made it a thing that every time i read a post i have to comment! Comments are really nice to read, i only receive a few sporadic comments so when i get that email it’s so exciting! Not only will commenting on others blogs improve your SEO as you are putting your link out on other pages but also the person whose blog you commented on may take a look at yours – or follow you!

How I’ve Grown:

Twitter: 175 (as of March 2017)

Instagram: 16 (as of March 2017) – yeah this isn’t really my favourite, definitely need to work on it!

WordPress Followers – 9

Blog-lovin : My Profile – 20 followers        Blog Profile – 63 followers

So finally, my number one tip would be to just get involved! Search the hashtags on twitter to respond to people’s tweets and follow them as you do, leave your link everywhere (not too much, but you know when acceptable) and just have fun with it!

Best Wishes,

Lydia x


14 thoughts on “How to increase blog traffic: Advice as a newbie!”

  1. Hi Lydia, I’m taking your advice and leaving you a comment! 🙂 I just read this at a time where I’m feeling quite uncertain and overwhelmed and it has made me realise that the things I’ve started doing are good things to be doing and so I’ll continue. I followed your blog too so am looking forward to reading more xx


  2. Really nice post!!I’ve followed you for more!!
    I’ve had my blog for over a year now and it’s still pretty small in comparison with other blogs that I read and started kind of at the same time or later. Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough and others don’t like it but then remember myself that I started my blog mostly for myself and feel better. I’ll follow your tips on getting more traffic, they might help me.
    Thank you for this post Xx


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