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Why a Diary is the Best Way to Keep Organised – By Lydia


It may be March – a quarter of the way through 2017! – but it’s never too late to get organised. At the beginning of the year I got completely inspired to start up a Planner/Diary. However, I purchased scrapbooking stickers etc. off eBay and from Hong Kong, so they’ve only just arrived! Nevertheless i thought i’d still show you my planner ideas and it may give you some inspiration to get organised! 

The planner i have is from Kikki K, this is a rather expensive planner you can get loads for only a few pounds from Wilkos, WHSmith etc. If you sign up to Kikki K, you get a £5 off voucher so it works out at only £1 delivery opposed to £6 which is why i got it! They do have some stores around the UK as well. This particular planner comes with a weekly view and notes section, as well as it’s only little pack off stickers at the back. 

The way i begun organising my live via this planner is starting with birthdays! I used the stickers to highlight everyone’s important birthdays (and obviously my own!) as well as add in all uni deadlines, any student loan dates etc. The bit i’m most excited about putting in are my holiday’s – however none are quite booked yet so that exciting time will have to wait. 

I also thought i’d share with you the few sticker packs i purchased. These are both off eBay and i think we’re about £2 each so really cheap for the number of stickers you get! You also get a wide variety, some are a bit random but if you want specific types – you can get money icons, airplane icons, particular symbols that relate to different tasks but i just opted for some random selections. 

Finally, the reason i actually decided to start a planner was also to remember my year in a pretty and visual way! Next year i’ll be able to look back over it and remember what i did and it’ll just be a nice thing to keep over the years!

Lydia x 
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My Biggest Inspirations – By Ryley

My Biggest Inspirations!

Since I was young I’ve been really interested in fashion. As I got older, I researched individuals in the fashion industry and they have become some of my biggest inspirations! These people are the people I have looked up to for a long time now so I decided to share a few of them with you!

Kelly Cutrone is a fashion publicist that I first discovered on a tv show called The Hills (if you’ve never seen it watch it!). I really liked her because she was tough and to the point and dedicated to her work. I didn’t know what fashion PR was until I discovered her. She made me want to pursue PR as a major in college and try to be like her!

Rachel Zoe is another inspiration of mine. She is a stylist who I also discovered through a television show. She really helped me understand what a fashion stylist does and also really made me interested in the fashion industry. She is so successful in my opinion and I look up to her so much… I literally quote her all the time.

Leandra Medine is a fashion blogger who owns a blog called Man Repeller. Her blog became so big that she was able to make it her full time job. It is really inspiring to hear about her story because it can show that if you put enough effort you can achieve your biggest goals!

These are just three women who I really look up to and inspire me immensely. I really suggest looking them up for inspiration if you want to work in the fashion industry!
– Ryley