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My Inspiration? – By Larice

My inspiration? My best friend. She is the kindest, smartest, most beautiful and down to earth person I know. She simply doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. And I admire that so much. She is always a ray of sunshine. Even when things get tough, she manages to put a smile on my face.

I have known her since I was 12 and I couldn’t be happier to still have her in my life. We both go to different schools now. She is also moving to another city, on the other side of the country to go to Uni after the summer. American studies, that’s what she will be doing the next few years. And I am so proud of her. She went to high school for 7 years to be able to go to Uni instead of college. Yes, college is a fantastic achievement as well, but I am just really proud of her. She didn’t have to go to school for another 2 years, she purposely chose for it.

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Inspiration – By Holzieloves

By Holzieloves –

I haven’t always felt inspired. I think because I never had much self-confidence but once I went looking for inspiration to help me get to where I want to be I started to feel better in myself too

Me and Inspiration

I look for inspiration in people who I look up to such as a person  who stands up for what they believe in, who have a drive in life and who are kind and humble.
I look for things that make me happy and things that make me want to get creative.
I find this in the shape of Pinterest, Instagram and we heart it. I love these apps as you can make a collection of things that you are passionate about and share with the world.

Why I think it’s important to be inspired

Having inspiration gives you ideas on how you want your life to be, not mirroring someone but taking ideas that you love and making them into something wonderful.

I think it helps you develop as a person and gives you the happy endorphins we all need and we will always be aiming for something as long as we have inspiration as our guide.