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Bringing back the 90’s!

I may not be old enough to have fully appreciate the 90’s style – only being born in ’98! However thats not stopping me from loving this era, many of my favourite films are from this decade so are many of my favourite styles! For this #throwbackthursday, i thought i’d  just share with you my favourite fashion, hair and beauty styles of the 90’s to inspire both you and myself – the 90’s are always making a comeback.

Lets begin with the best bit – the fashion! High-waisted mom jeans and baggy jumpers look so stylish yet so comfortable, this is definitely one of my favourite styles to have

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Inspiration – By Simone


I have always struggled with getting inspiration for my blog, and finding things to talk about. I personally don’t think people who don’t do blogging, journalism or any type of writing realise how hard it can be to come up with original content.

If I’m really stuck for inspiration, I turn to things like magazines, and paper articles. Normally its Cosmopolitan or Glamour. Both of those have had some good articles recently, which you should check out. Bigger bloggers like Zoella, Tanya Burr and A Model Recommends have some good ideas as well which now and again I will look at.

Inspiration for taking photographs can lack as well, seen as though I live in the Lake District, everything is just trees and or lakes. You need to be creative and have a good think, when it comes to inspiration for photographs as it can come quite repeated when you live in an area where there isn’t much to do.
Simone x

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My Biggest Inspirations – By Ryley

My Biggest Inspirations!

Since I was young I’ve been really interested in fashion. As I got older, I researched individuals in the fashion industry and they have become some of my biggest inspirations! These people are the people I have looked up to for a long time now so I decided to share a few of them with you!

Kelly Cutrone is a fashion publicist that I first discovered on a tv show called The Hills (if you’ve never seen it watch it!). I really liked her because she was tough and to the point and dedicated to her work. I didn’t know what fashion PR was until I discovered her. She made me want to pursue PR as a major in college and try to be like her!

Rachel Zoe is another inspiration of mine. She is a stylist who I also discovered through a television show. She really helped me understand what a fashion stylist does and also really made me interested in the fashion industry. She is so successful in my opinion and I look up to her so much… I literally quote her all the time.

Leandra Medine is a fashion blogger who owns a blog called Man Repeller. Her blog became so big that she was able to make it her full time job. It is really inspiring to hear about her story because it can show that if you put enough effort you can achieve your biggest goals!

These are just three women who I really look up to and inspire me immensely. I really suggest looking them up for inspiration if you want to work in the fashion industry!
– Ryley

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What inspired me to restart blogging? – By Lydia

I thought i’d begin this post by introducing myself. I’m Lydia, the owner of this blog (and i’m very pleased that you’ve found it) and i thought it was only fitting given the topic of this week that I share why i was inspired to start blogging again, and more importantly why i started this blog!

Back in the day, i used to have another blog – a beauty, fashion, lifestyle type of blog that pretty much incorporated most things. However i stopped that blog just because i lacked the drive to carry on and i wasn’t really enjoying it anymore so i felt there was no reason for me to carry on – If you aren’t enjoying something, then what is the point?

So onto the story of this blog… As a university student, I was just doing some general browsing through intern opportunities and things like that, but i didn’t feel that i had any experience to commit to some of them which required it! Also, as a uni student you never really know how much workload you will have week-to-week so i didn’t feel ready to fully commit to an internship just yet but i did want experience – so, HerEdition was created.

I really wanted to create a different kind of blog, in which lots of other people can be involved as well and we can all work together to produce a happy, welcoming and helpful/inspiring community. Also, i really wanted to write something again, i felt inspired to write things for people to read – whether its on a helpful topic or my favourite meme! 
Basically, my inspiration came from wanting some experience in something or become involved in a project of my own! My message on inspiration to you is to find a way to channel that drive you have to do something, whatever it is, through a way that works for you and others! 

Thank you reading and visiting the blog – i hope it becomes a place that you regularly visit and enjoy!
Lydia x 
Editor-In-Chief of HerEdition