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How to Create Your Own Workout Plan! – By Lydia

In the lead up to summer a lot of us will be wanting to work on our ‘bikini bods’ – but i just feel this post will help a lot of us, including myself, who want to up our fitness level and just become generally fitter and healthier. Going to the gym/exercising isn’t just something that people do in order to lose weight, it’s also a great thing to have in everyone’s lives as exercise generally leads to happier feelings and in my opinion, just a general sense that you’ve done something that day! So this might be a slightly longer post but i hope it it will be beneficial to us all, before i start just a slight disclaimer: i’m quite clearly not a qualified PT or anything of the sort, i’m just a girl whose been to a few gyms in her time and thought i’d be a fun thing to write about…

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Inspiration – By Holzieloves

By Holzieloves –

I haven’t always felt inspired. I think because I never had much self-confidence but once I went looking for inspiration to help me get to where I want to be I started to feel better in myself too

Me and Inspiration

I look for inspiration in people who I look up to such as a person  who stands up for what they believe in, who have a drive in life and who are kind and humble.
I look for things that make me happy and things that make me want to get creative.
I find this in the shape of Pinterest, Instagram and we heart it. I love these apps as you can make a collection of things that you are passionate about and share with the world.

Why I think it’s important to be inspired

Having inspiration gives you ideas on how you want your life to be, not mirroring someone but taking ideas that you love and making them into something wonderful.

I think it helps you develop as a person and gives you the happy endorphins we all need and we will always be aiming for something as long as we have inspiration as our guide.