This site is purely a lifestyle, beauty, fashion blog which will also occasionally include a variety of topics/posts. All my posts are my own opinion and are not that of anyone else’s or any brands i work with. All content is true and accurate to the absolute best of my knowledge but there may be mistakes/errors, if you feel there is a particular error please contact me via email and i’ll try and resolve that issue with you.

I do include some affiliate links on my posts this will be indicated with an * at the bottom of the post. Also, i do work with companies/brands and if a product is sent to me i will declare this in the post or if i fail to do that, i will indicate an * at the bottom of the page.

I am in now way a professional in what i discuss on the blog, and my posts are purely for entertainment and information purposes – nothing should be taken as legitimate advice, just my own personal preferences.

I also reserve the right to change how i run this blog, including the deletion of content, changing the content or focus, and all the physical design of the blog as well as removal of the blog as a whole.

Also, just a little disclaimer that the #HerEditionTeam is not a formal or legally binding contract or anything – it is just a fun little community of guest bloggers. I also own the right to change this concept at any point – i.e. removing people from the mailing list, and stopping the guest blogging as a whole.

Lydia x