My Favourite Make-Up Products

Only more recently in my life have i established and developed a set make-up routine – i used to swap and change products all the time but now i have my set products that i repurchase opposed to trying out different ones all the time like i used to, so i thought i’d share these with you.

My Favourite.png

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Weekly Round-Up #2

My second little weekly round- up post, going to also link all the new posts on my blog this week from both me and guest bloggers so please click the images to go read those great posts!



How to Create Your Own Workout Plan! - By Lydia




Should we celebrate numbers in the blogging world? –

Maria runs one of my favourite bloggers to read, if a new post pops up i will always read! This one was about celebrating blogging milestones and whether or not that is seen as being frowned upon in the blogging community. Really interesting and relatable post! I commented my view on the topic over on her blog in the comments!

Behind the Blogger: 25 Facts About Me – 

Melissa’s facts post was also one of my fave – i love reading them and i haven’t read too many recently actually so this was a nice thing to pop into my inbox. Melissa is part of the #HerEditionTeam and has wrote for this blog before (she wrote the Tips on how to survive Anxiety post linked above – go read!) So i just love her blog and this post was a lovely light read

I haven’t read many blogs this week as i’ve been snowed under with deadlines, but they are just my top picks! Don’t forget to head over to there blogs and comment, tell them you came from this post so they come and take a look – whatever you like!

Lydia x



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Weekly Round-Up #1

This is the first post of a new series on my blog that loaaddssss of others do which is just the basic weekly round-up! I’m going to focus mine mainly on blogs/posts i’ve loved this week and may occasionally through a few random life updates in there.

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#1 –  

  • Corinne is just amazing, i’ve enjoyed reading her blog before but rediscovered the love when an old post of hers appeared on my Twitter Newsfeed (i mean do you see already, this girl is amazing, she’s got me reading a blog post from 6 months ago?!) How I got my DA to 45 – so from then onwards i pretty much read all of her relevant ‘Blog Tips’ and i feel like i’m now a blogging expert…well i will try. Whether you are a new blogger like me, or you just want a good blog read – Corinne is the one for you!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 02.32.24

#2 –

  • I found millie’s blog in a #GRLPOWR chat last week and it’s so beautiful! I am in complete awe of her layout/design/photography – everything! I’ve particularly been loving her  Travel Diaries, they are just making me so jealous yet so ready for summer! Even if you don’t have time to read just yet, take a look at Milena’s whole blog design – she’s winning!

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 02.31.54

#3 –

  • I just had to mention lauren in my weekly round-up, as she is the inspiration behind these posts! I absolutely love her Merry Mondays series, i just think its really nice to read about peoples lives and what they’ve done that week – it’s a cute little read. Lauren’s also part of the #HerEditionTeam so look out for more posts off her in the future. Lauren also hosted the #bloggerssparkle chat which i did get involved in and was so much fun – i’m loving blogger chats so much.

     Lydia X


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Bringing back the 90’s!

I may not be old enough to have fully appreciate the 90’s style – only being born in ’98! However thats not stopping me from loving this era, many of my favourite films are from this decade so are many of my favourite styles! For this #throwbackthursday, i thought i’d  just share with you my favourite fashion, hair and beauty styles of the 90’s to inspire both you and myself – the 90’s are always making a comeback.

Lets begin with the best bit – the fashion! High-waisted mom jeans and baggy jumpers look so stylish yet so comfortable, this is definitely one of my favourite styles to have

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