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Weekly Round-Up #2

My second little weekly round- up post, going to also link all the new posts on my blog this week from both me and guest bloggers so please click the images to go read those great posts!



How to Create Your Own Workout Plan! - By Lydia




Should we celebrate numbers in the blogging world? –

Maria runs one of my favourite bloggers to read, if a new post pops up i will always read! This one was about celebrating blogging milestones and whether or not that is seen as being frowned upon in the blogging community. Really interesting and relatable post! I commented my view on the topic over on her blog in the comments!

Behind the Blogger: 25 Facts About Me – 

Melissa’s facts post was also one of my fave – i love reading them and i haven’t read too many recently actually so this was a nice thing to pop into my inbox. Melissa is part of the #HerEditionTeam and has wrote for this blog before (she wrote the Tips on how to survive Anxiety post linked above – go read!) So i just love her blog and this post was a lovely light read

I haven’t read many blogs this week as i’ve been snowed under with deadlines, but they are just my top picks! Don’t forget to head over to there blogs and comment, tell them you came from this post so they come and take a look – whatever you like!

Lydia x



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How To: Make a Vision Board

I picked this ‘How to’ as I don’t think you need to be artistic to do one – just a little imagination. Ok and these few bits to make it…

  • A piece of card the bigger the better
  • Cuttings from magazines/photos/quotes that inspire you.
  • Something to stick it all to the card…pritt stick will do.

I guess that a vision board is a bit like a goal board as you put on there all the things you want out of life and aim on achieving each and every one. It’s such a lovely idea, anyone at any age can do one and it’s therapeutic at the same time. I am still in the process of making mine so here’s a few different variations that I found.

Guest post by Holly


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How to Create Your Own Workout Plan! – By Lydia

In the lead up to summer a lot of us will be wanting to work on our ‘bikini bods’ – but i just feel this post will help a lot of us, including myself, who want to up our fitness level and just become generally fitter and healthier. Going to the gym/exercising isn’t just something that people do in order to lose weight, it’s also a great thing to have in everyone’s lives as exercise generally leads to happier feelings and in my opinion, just a general sense that you’ve done something that day! So this might be a slightly longer post but i hope it it will be beneficial to us all, before i start just a slight disclaimer: i’m quite clearly not a qualified PT or anything of the sort, i’m just a girl whose been to a few gyms in her time and thought i’d be a fun thing to write about…

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